Jeans: Fashion’s Underutilized Secret Weapon

“If you wear something you adore, you just look better.”

– Margherita Missoni

The above picture is me and two of my siblings (with me on the far left sporting that awesome bang cut).  Clearly we’ve been fashion-forward geniuses since day one (note the one-pant-leg-up look my brother is rocking). Anyyyywayyyyy….

JEANS.  Jeans, jeans, jeans!  Can I just say I’m excited about this post, that’s how much I love jeans? (And think you should love them to!)  People who only have three or four pairs of jeans do not understand.  People who don’t currently care about their jeans need to allow their fashion worlds to be opened.  I mean come on people, they even have COLORS out there now.  The jean world is our oyster!  I cannot under-stress the importance of fabulous jeans. The most basic of pieces, yet they have the power to totally transform an outfit.

Too many people make the mistake of thinking they “have enough” jeans and not shopping for them. The jean is your secret weapon, and goodness knows a nice pair of jeans can cost an arm and a leg, prices even a jean-lovin’ person like myself has been unable to ever justify for a purchase. We do not want to ever get to the place of NEEDING new jeans ladies and gents.  That’s when suddenly you find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place (the rock being the $100 price tag staring you in the face when you desperately need new jeans).  This is why I am constantly on the look out for jeans. When ones I love go on sale, I get them. I don’t care how many pairs I already have—if the wash is beautiful (and different from what I already own, mind you), the brand is quality, and the price is right, those babies are going in my closet.

Honestly there is no better weight loss motivation, or reward, than a stellar-fitting pair of jeans.  There is nothing more affirming of all of your hard work and sweat than going into a store and being able to slip into a pair of pants that are a size down.  Kings bow down to that feeling.  And when you buy those new jeans, every top in your closet will suddenly feel brand new. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants might go down in history as one of the cheesiest movies of all time, however the premise is dead on. A good pair of pants can transform your outlook on life.

Ok, you caught me.  That might be a teensy exaggeration.  But hey, they have the power to at least transform your day!  I’d even give them a week, plus the opportunity for lots more transformed nights when you slip them back on.

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

– Rachel Zoe

My advice with jeans is to find a style that really suits you and fall back on that, especially when buying from never-tried-before brands online, but also don’t be afraid to buy a pair or two outside of the comfort zone once in awhile.  I’m a personal fan of the jegging.  I like my skinnies to be skin-hugging skinny with some comfortable stretch—I don’t want to feel the material rub back and forth against me, especially around my ankles (ugh I don’t know how I ever dealt with that feeling back when there was just skinnies and not jeggings– talk about a pet peeve!) but I also don’t want be prevented from sitting cross-legged (say NO to pant splitting!), so in general this the style for me.  However, I’ve also got a pair of relaxed fit boyfriend-style jeans I love, and they totally transform an outfit. It doesn’t even feel like the same clothes as when I wear them with skinnies (sorry no pictures of those bad boys, they’re currently in the wash).

As people we communicate through our clothes. Different clothes and styles and combinations communicate different things. Call me crazy, but I often think about what I feel like communicating to the world that day as I get dressed. The joy in fashion is representing a part of who you are in a way that you love. Always, always, dress for yourself and how it makes YOU feel, not others.

IMG_0535My current mojo-givers are from Piperlime (all Blank Denim brand). I snagged these suckers when there was 60% off already-discounted sale items, quite possibly one of the most glorious online shopping surprises ever.  I am pleased to say (and admittedly also feeling pretty smug about it) that I paid no more than $17 for any of these designer pairs (originally priced around $90 each).

What are your favorite jeans? Don’t have a pair that you get excited to form an outfit to go with? Go out and get yourself some! Your confidence and your butt will thank you.  If you do have some jeans you absolutely love, what style and brand are they?  Share the love ladies! I want to know where else I should be trolling.

                    IMG_0539                               IMG_0543

(P.S.The other clothing and accessories I threw on with my new jeans are all nice and affordable as well.  The blazer and navy tee are from Forever 21 aggeesssss ago, find similar here and here, the heels are Target, and the two small gold necklaces are Jules Boutique.  If you’re from around the Goshen area, definitely stop in downtown and check them out, I’m obsessed with that place!  Otherwise you can find similar online here.  Unfortunately, the long chain necklace is from Spain years ago when I studied abroad and I have yet to spot something similar when out shopping.  Oh and the scarf is a bridesmaid gift from my lovely cousin.)

(P.S.S. I apologize for the bathroom mirror selfies, but unlike apparently the rest of the fashion blogging world, I have no handy husband, and no one was around to assist with the photo shoot, so let the selfies reign.)

Hugs and love,

Maggie Mae


4 thoughts on “Jeans: Fashion’s Underutilized Secret Weapon

  1. I have a love and hate relationship with jeans..But, If I looked as good and hot as you do with your jeans I may love them more..


  2. LOVE this – I’m starting 2015 on a shopping fast, but I’ll be taking your advice to heart come springtime when new jeans start calling! Maybe we can spree together! Xoxo


    • Way to go girl! A shopping fast I’m impressed! I’m trying to cut back too but there will be no straight up fasting happening if I’m honest 😳. But definitely a yes to the spree! Love and miss you lady!


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